Board of Directors

Today’s volunteer Board continues to build on the vision of the original founders of WBF.

  • Chair
    Sharon Bell
  • Vice Chair/Secretary
    Angelina Bakshi
    Veridant Inc. 
  • Treasurer
    Anna Dawyd
  • Director
    Shawna Boreen
    Oil City Crane Service Ltd. 
  • Director
    Joette Decore
    The Churchill Corporation
  • Director
    Trina Gendall
    Manasc Isaac
  • Director
    Angela Armstrong
    Prime Capital Group 
  • Director
    Laura Lunt
    Pembina Pipeline Corporation
  • Director
    Kathy Anders
    First Foundation Insurance Inc.
  • Director
    Karey Spenst
    Exec HR Consultant/Small Business Owner
  • Director
    Beverly Nalder
    Clark Builders