Our Health and Safety Commitment

Women Building Futures is pleased to announce they are now a certified Workplace Safety Organization (COR).

A Certificate of Recognition (COR) is awarded to employers who develop health and safety programs that meet established standards and is a proven way for employers to improve their health and safety performance and create a culture of proactive workplace health and safety. A COR shows that the employer’s health and safety management system has been evaluated by a certified auditor and meets provincial standards. These standards are established by Occupational Health and Safety (OHS). 

Women Building Futures is committed to the health and safety of all our employees, students, instructors, volunteers and residents. Our safety standards are implemented through employee involvement, education, and training in all aspects of safety. Women Building Futures promotes a philosophy that safety is first and foremost when carrying out our work as well as in our personal lives.

Due to the safety sensitive nature of our training and worksites, Women Building Futures has zero tolerance for any substances that can impede perception and performance. WBF relies on SureHire Occupational Testing to ensure that we follow the standards of the Canadian Model and the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration in our evaluation of our applicants.