Women Building Futures Team

Qualified instructors and tradespeople, workforce development professionals and management professionals staff at Women Building Futures. We are passionate about increasing the number of women employed in trades and technology careers.

  • JudyLynn Archer
    President & CEO
  • Jacqueline Andersen
    Employer Services Manager
  • Diane Brown
    Finance Manager
  • Kimberly Butterfield
    Property Manager
  • Elaine Cardinal
    Recruitment Advisor
  • Jill Corbett
    Program Manager
  • Christina Cordero
    Administrative Assistant
  • Erin Devlin
    Recruitment Advisor
  • Meghan Harker
    Program Coordinator
  • Verna Klimack
    Program Facilitator
  • Carla Lamarche
    Program Facilitator
  • Michelyne Macdonald
    Project Manager
  • Victoria Powluk
    Recruitment Manager
  • Christine Roddelt
    Building Manager
  • Teresa Anderton
    Program Facilitator/ Project Liasion
  • Wendy Andrew
    Project Coordinator/Administrator

  • Charles Szaszkiewicz
    Building Maintenance
  • Angela Smith
    Director of Partnerships and Funding
  • Valerie Moses
    Employment Specialist
  • Corey Wells de Cortez
    Aboriginal Engagement Advisor
  • Joy Vonk
    Executive Assistant
  • Lorette Worsfold
    Recruitment Advisor
  • Keri Clark
    Employer Services Coordinator
  • Renee Sehn
    Recruitment Advisor
  • For Media inquiries, please contact

    Heather Markham
    Marketing & Communications Manager

    Alastair Lillico
    Marketing & Communications Assistant