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Become an Employer of Choice

Hire safety-conscious, motivated, qualified grads from WBF programs
Grads ready for hire, with new classes starting regularly.

Sponsor students in WBF programs
Construction Start, Class 3 Driver, Welding Basics, Electrical Basics, all eligible for the Canada Alberta Job Grant.

Develop a custom program with WBF
Tailored to your company’s needs and eligible for the Canada Alberta Job Grant.
Find out how you can get two-thirds of your training costs reimbursed.

Canada Alberta Job Grant 
Under the CAJG, up to two-thirds of the cost to any outside training up to a maximum of $10,000 per person to a total max of $300,000 per company per year can be reimbursed.  See here for details

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsoring a women through WBF programs is a smart way to hire the right employee and prepare for future labour demands.

Click here, to view all of our current programs.  

To register your company to sponsor women into these programs, call Employer Services at 780-452-1200 and ask for Jacqueline Andersen, Employer Services Manager.

For more information, or to book an appointment, contact:

Jacqueline Andersen 
Employer Services Manager 

780 452 1200 Ext. 2025
780 969 3965
Toll Free
1 866 452 1201
780 452 1279

10326 107 Street NW
Edmonton, AB
T5J 1K2

Class 3 Licence grads attend job fair