"I used to be one of those guys working in industry that didn't like the idea of women working in the trades - until I met Jennifer.  I've completely changed my feelings about women working in the trades.  Jennifer's a hard worker who has earned the respect of her co-workers - which are mostly guys.  She's our Fabrication Foreman who now runs her own crew including 5 other tradeswomen that we've hired.  She's a great mentor for the other women we have on site."
Jim Baddeley Superintendant/Construction Manager at Cord Projects

"WBF graduates are dependable and eager to learn.  Moreover they are responsible and diligent in carrying out their duties.   Graduates who especially stand out are Lisa M. - Welder Apprentice, Gail B. - Electrical Apprentice and Katherine B. - Welder Apprentice."
Paul Peacock - Labour Relations Manager at Bantrel Constructors Scotford Refinery

"Teresa M. 1st year plumber and Cindy D. 1st year electrician were hired by Black & McDonald Ltd. and are currently working with us on the NAIT building maintenance project.  They have both been on staff for almost a year now and I would like to let you know how impressed we are with both of them.  The training that they have acquired throught the Women Building Futures program has given them the tools to get the job done.  Both Teresa and Cindy are excellent workers, eager to learn their trade and develop their trade skills.  We are very pleased with their progress and the domstration of their abilities in their chosen trade."
Mark Tasse - FMO Manager at Black & McDonald

"It's a tough labour market now. I wish everyone would bring the same enthusiasm to the job that the WBF grads bring. We now measure everybody against the enthusiasm WBF workers bring to the job site."
Scott, Delnor Construction

"If there’s more grads like Erin, I’d take them! She knew what to expect on the job, and the training and experience she had put her ahead of others starting out."
Rod, Corlac Industries

"The new hires from WBF have clear expectations of the industry. They are ready to pitch in, have a high level of initiative and automatically fit in."
Denise, Delnor Construction

"Cindy came to us with a good concept of what's expected. She had some experience with tools and procedures and a willing to learn attitude."
Brent, RV Country

"WBF grads come with safety tickets in hand, a great work ethic and basic shop knowledge and tool use."
Rick, Western Truck Body

"Workers from WBF have a great attention to detail. That's valuable on the job."
Henry, Delnor Construction

"WBF grads are flexible and adaptable and willing to work in different roles. They bring another dimension to how the projects are done."
Gord, Delnor Construction