Employer Profiles

RV Country

RV Country

RV Country is a small shop, very well known for their quality work on recreational vehicle repairs and servicing.

Brent, Shop Foreman, and an RV Technician himself, says this trade is really a combination of 14 trades. "It's a great trade for women to go into – anyone really. You're never bored by doing the same thing all day long, you meet lots of interesting people and you build your own clientele." The work isn't dirty and everything is done inside the shop.

JWS graduate Cindy waited awhile for an opening to become available at RV Country – it was her first choice for work experience. Cindy wanted to work at RV Country because of their reputation for excellence, and also because in a small shop you get a broad base of experience.

Brent says Cindy had a good concept of what would be expected on the job. She showed up qualified and ready to work. She had a little bit of experience with the tools and procedures and fit right in with the rest of the team. Now she even has her own collection of tools from everyone’s favorite store… Princess Auto.




Women make up a good percentage of the Corlac workforce, and Rod was pleased when Erin came to them through the Boilermakers Union.

A recent graduate of the JWS program, Erin came to the job and jumped right in. "The experience she had put her ahead of others starting out," says Rob of Erin's preparedness. "I didn’t know she was from WBF, I just knew she was ready for the job."

Corlac is a fairly large shop, proud of their quality work and reliant on their employees to work independently. Rob is pleased with Erin’s contribution to the team and says, "If there's more grads like Erin, I'd take them!"


Delnor Construction

Delnor Contruction

Delnor Construction has hired a number of WBF graduates to supplement their crews. Hard at work on various hospital job sites around Edmonton, Delnor Construction is building not only hospitals, but better lives for their employees.

Denise, HR Manager for the company, says she receives only positive feedback about the WBF hires. "I don’t know what WBF does differently, but the hires from WBF have a clear expectation of the industry. The grads are ready to pitch in the first day on the job," says Denise. She also speaks positively about the high level of initiative the WBF grads bring to the job.

Gord, a Construction Supervisor, says "having a WBF grad on our crew has brought about a new dimension to how projects are done.  It's brought an attention to detail on the site that makes us a better company."

Scott, another Construction Supervisor, is pleased with the consistent level of enthusiasm the WBF grads bring to the job, everyday.  He measures all new hires now against the standards the WBF graduates have set.