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Building Extraordinary Futures


"That impending wave of baby boom retirements we’ve been hearing so much about is here,” said Rosemary Sparks, Executive Director of BuildForce Canada. “This decade, as many as 248,000 skilled workers are retiring on mass. It’s a tremendous loss of experience that’s even harder to make up in a slow economy.” 

Women and Indigenous people are the two largest untapped labour sources in Canada. With the looming retirement problem, our industry can build a sustainable talent solution with a resource that is right here- women and Indigenous women.

At Women Building Futures, we do an unmatched job of preparing women for careers in the construction and maintenance industry. Industry values WBF for the unrivalled preparedness the grads enter the workforce with and the level of support WBF provides. The proof? A 90% employment rate and we have a very high alumni and employer satisfaction rate.

Hiring a WBF grad also has a social impact. When women find success in the trades, the positive impact ripples through families, communities, Alberta’s economy, and businesses like yours.


To learn more about how to join our community and access into the many benefits including networking, learning events and engaging with and possibly hiring WBF grads, please contact us.