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Women Building Futures is valued for its expertise and thought leadership and is a trusted voice in the media about women in the construction and maintenance industry. Take a moment to read our most recent media articles and partnership announcements here.

  • The First Professional Class 1 Driver Program Graduates

    by Lizette Ortegon Rico | Nov 10, 2017
     If being perfect is the measure of success, Women Building Futures’ (WBF) can hold its head high after a 100% graduation rate from its inaugural Class 1 driving program.

    Coming from various employment backgrounds, many from what would be described as non-traditional female occupations, a recurring theme among the group of graduates was a desire to be on the road and do a job they would be proud of.

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  • Building the Future

    by Lizette Ortegon Rico | Oct 11, 2017
    Mass retirements and an upturn in work will create workforce challenges, but opportunities abound if industry can engage the next generation from all potential sources of labour. 

    The Canadian construction industry is forecast to lose almost 20 percent of its workforce – close to 250,000 workers to retirement – over the next decade, while estimates based on historical data predict the potential for 216,000 new workers to enter the industry during this same period. This imbalance is sure to create a substantial deficit in the workforce, especially if there’s an upturn in the overall volume of work. So, what’s the industry to do?

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